The Aims

No one should face cancer alone. That’s the ambition of Macmillan Cancer Support. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1995 the support of the Macmillan nurses helped me through treatment successfully.

I was one of the growing number of people who are successfully treated for cancer. Since then I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to fundraise and show my support for the charity.

img004flipThe experience of cancer is never an easy one, but the help Macmillan provided me and my family to understand the non-hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis, and the course of chemotherapy to treat the cancer, helped make the experience as easy as possible

I continued to have annual appointments with the same Macmillan nurse who was originally assigned to help me through the treatment 18 years after the initial diagnosis.

It’s one of the reasons Macmillan are such a special charity, and as well as being information experts, offering financial assistance and physical and emotional support, they are there during every stage of the cancer journey.

The aim of Lap the World is to raise £240,000. 100% of every donation will go to Macmillan and not the costs to fund this expedition.

That’s £10 for every mile of the circumference of earth and by raising £240,000 this can help fund a new chemotherapy suite in a hospital, and help provide better chemotherapy treatment to people diagnosed with cancer in the UK.





The aim of Lap the World is to raise £240,000 and every single penny donated will go to Macmillan, not towards expedition costs.

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